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Phantom Crew Installs Delayed Sidewalk
Sidewalk 1
Anonymous volunteers frustrated with the city’s effort to complete a sidewalk put the finishing touches on the sidewalk on A Street near Yosemite Avenue, culminating a few hours of work on Saturday. - photo by RICHARD PALOMA/The Leader

Out of concern for the senior citizens and a frustration with government inefficiency, a construction professional wishing to remain anonymous gathered his crew and took a few hours of his time on Saturday, June 25, to install a 95-foot sidewalk on A Street near Yosemite Avenue.

 “We’re doing this for the seniors,” the unnamed volunteer said. “It’s only going to take us a few hours and it will finally be finished instead of waiting for someone to do something.”

The three-person crew started the project around 7 a.m. and by 11 a.m. were putting the finishing touches on a professionally done, graded and jointed sidewalk including a sloping driveway ramp for the property.

“Our surveying was done while putting up the forms,” joked one worker in regard to the city’s request requiring a $2500 survey if city funds were to be used for the project.

The nameless workers said they were inspired to volunteer their time and materials after seeing the June 15 Oakdale Leader article highlighting the bureaucracy associated with the project.

“We made some calls and found out what needed to be done,” said the unidentified individual. “It’s unfair to the seniors to have to wait.”

One of the workers pointed out a torn out sidewalk across A Street in front of Dorada Park.

“How long do you think that’s going to sit there like that?” he asked, noting the city barriers in the middle of the sidewalk construction.

Mayor Pat Paul heard about the volunteers’ efforts and greeted the workers Saturday morning with iced tea and refreshments.

“This is good people giving back to the community.” Paul said. “Gotta love this town!”