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Oakdale-Riverbank Fire Calls 11-23-22
OR fire calls

The following is a listing of some of the local calls for service involving the Modesto Fire Department, which staffs Stations 27, 28, 29 and 30 in Oakdale, Knights Ferry and Valley Home; and the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Department, covering the Riverbank area.

Calls were logged during the time period of Tuesday, Nov. 15 through Monday, Nov. 21. Days not listed had no reports of significant incidents in this area.



While performing engine checks a bubble in one of the cooling lines for Engine 26 (Riverbank) was found, the Engine was driven to Modesto Fleet where they were able to not only replace the cooking line, but also fixed an air leak at the compressor.

Crews trained on Firefighter Survival Skills provided by the training division.

ALS companies attended EMS training hosted by the EMS Agency, CAL STAR and AMR.



5:30 p.m. – Water Rescue 28 and Battalion 5 responded to a report of stranded boaters on an island at Woodward Reservoir. Units arrived and found five adults stranded on an island. WR28 returned the adults and their malfunctioning boat back to the boat launch.



7:15 a.m. – Modesto and Stanislaus units responded to reports of a working structure fire on the corner of East E Street and North Sixth in Oakdale. Crews arrived on scene to find a fire in the exterior of a travel trailer and in the backyard of a residence. The fire was quickly extinguished with no extension to the house or trailer. No injuries were reported.



Technical Rescue team members trained on equipment familiarization.

HazMat team members attended a weeklong rail car emergency and safety training course in Roseville. Team members learned various techniques on how to mitigation this type of emergency.

Crews trained on hoseline deployment and MDC operation.

10:45 a.m. – Engine 28 and Battalion 5 responded to Old Stockton Road for an EMS CPR call.

3:28 p.m. – Engine 29 and Battalion 5 responded to Lancaster Road for an EMS call. Crews arrived on scene to find a juvenile patient with a dislocated knee. The firefighter/medic on Engine 29 assisted with medication administration and splinting the patient’s leg. The patient was transported to a Modesto area hospital for additional treatment.

4:56 p.m. – Engines 7, 26 and Battalion 5 responded to Claribel and Oakdale roads for a vehicle accident. Engine 7 arrived on scene with three vehicles involved and the roadway partially blocked. They found three minor patients and started an additional ambulance. Those patients were transported to a local hospital. Battalion 5 handled a second two vehicle, non-injury accident in the same area.



Haz Mat Team members met with the Operations Chief and Special Operations Chief to go over training requirements and team operations.

11:51 a.m. – Stanislaus and Modesto units responded to the 3800 block of Santa Fe Avenue, Riverbank for a working structure fire. Stanislaus E26 arrived on scene and found smoke in the vacant residence. Crews made entry and located a fire in the fireplace with the flue closed.

Engine 27, Engine 28, Engine 3 and BC5 assisted with Oakdale High School Fire Science class with a hands-on training day.

MST FF recruit academy conducted training on the Stanislaus River in Knights Ferry.

BC5 participated in a community presentation for property owners involved in the Knights Ferry Fuel Reduction project.



Engineers’ assessment test was held at the RFTC, all four candidates passed and will now move on to the Chief interview.

Engine 27 and 28 conducted probationary training.

7:23 p.m. – Engine 22, E23, T1 and BC2 responded to a vehicle rollover at Yosemite and Albers. On arrival BC2 found a Chevy Tahoe resting on its roof, all three occupants were out, sitting on the side of the road. Witnesses stated a white car swerved, hit the Tahoe and fled the scene. The vehicle was found a short time later a quarter-mile from the Tahoe down a dirt road. All injuries were minor.

No time listed – Engines 28, 29 and Battalion 5 responded to Highway 4 and Milton Road for a single vehicle rollover. No injuries were found, and the call was turned over to CHP.



MST personnel and various other agencies participated in the IMT Drill.