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Morning Market due to return on May 4
Team market
The ‘dream team’ of Roxanne Simons, left, Lisa Kjeldgaard and Mindy Johnson smile during their trip to San Diego to expand their knowledge for the Oakdale Morning Market. Photo Contributed

North Third Avenue will once again come to life each Saturday morning, as the Oakdale Morning Market returns for its second year.

A project of the non-profit Love Oakdale, the Oakdale Morning Market will launch its second year on Saturday, May 4, 2024. The 22-week Saturday morning event will conclude Saturday, Sept. 28. Hours for the market will once again be 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

“Get in and shop. See your people, buy the things,” Love Oakdale Director Lisa Kjeldgaard said of the Saturday morning market.

For the 2024 Market year, the footprint has been extended a bit, now opening up the parking lot of Bistro 120 to vendor space as well. Kjeldgaard shared there’s a total of 70 spots available for vendors. She noted some vendors may take more than one spot and all spaces may not be filled from week to week.

The Oakdale Morning Market spans the complete length of North Third Avenue from E to F Street. While expansion ideas beyond the parking lot addition have been explored, Kjeldgaard feels confident and comfortable with the current space being occupied by the market.

“We want it to be a fresh market every time you come,” Kjeldgaard shared of the upcoming event, noting the help of a trip to San Diego with Market Manager, Roxanne Simons and Creative Director, Mindy Johnson as beneficial to forming the vision for the second year.

Attending a Market conference, as well as visiting several markets while in San Diego, the trio gained not only knowledge but an appreciation for the Oakdale event as well.

“We saw a lot of markets,” Kjeldgaard said of their travels to Southern California. “The biggest takeaway was, we love our market. The way the Oakdale community responded and came out. The images that were captured of people just so happy to see each other.”

It’s that enthusiasm they want to bring back.

“We want our vendors to do well,” she continued of the team’s goals. “I feel that one of our primary customers are our vendors.”

To that end, there is room for expansion as well.

“Last year we really came in with a mindset of exclusivity,” Kjeldgaard said of the mindset in their first year, giving an example of one bread vendor, one flower vendor, etc. “We wanted everybody to do really well. We still want everybody to do really well, but we want our customers, our patrons, to also find enough of what they need.”

Another change coming to the 2024 Market will be found by way of the market layout. While produce vendors will continue to be in one section of the market, the remaining vendors will be intermixed.

“We want the market to be kind of an adventure,” Kjeldgaard said.

With the recent purchase of a food trailer, Medlen’s House of Beef will also have a presence at the Morning Market, offering breakfast items.

“Roberts Ferry has been approved for their license, so mimosas will be available there,” Kjeldgaard noted. “Some other sellers on the street might have things to offer as well.”

There were other attractions in the 2023 year that proved to be successful and will return this year. Kids Corner, Oakdale Young Entrepreneurs (OYE!) and live music will each continue to be part of the weekly event.

“We want the market to be where everybody is building community; kids too,” Kjeldgaard said of the weekly activities hosted.

Kids Corner is first come first served, between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. It will be located by Valley Oak School of Dance. As for OYE!, a total of over 30 young entrepreneurs have committed to participating this year.

Those looking for an alternative to finding the perfect parking spot will be happy to learn this year there will be ‘Valet Bicycle Parking.’

“Ben from Oakdale Bike Shop will be there offering valet bike parking every week,” Kjeldgaard stated.

The bike parking will be located on E Street across from House of Beef by Bistro 120.

“We’re thrilled he wants to be a part of that,” she said, adding for those visiting via vehicle to remember there is ample parking at the Bianchi Community Center and adjacent to Wood Park, each just a block or two over from the North Third Avenue location.

“Another big goal of the market is supporting local downtown businesses,” the Love Oakdale director shared. “That’s a big goal of Love Oakdale as a whole. The market is a project of Love Oakdale.

“That’s why we end at 11,” she continued. “We want to get off the street and not hurt our downtown businesses. We hope that the crowds we’re bringing will support those businesses while they’re there. We want to support the businesses the best we can. We’re already disrupting their days and we hope that the crowd coming will be enough to offset that.”

Looking ahead to the early May launch, Kjeldgaard shared she and the team which make it all come to life are excited to once again see the community out enjoying their morning, while shopping locally.

“There is nothing like standing at the end of the road and seeing all the people,” she said of her favorite thing. “It’s a vibe. We just hope everybody comes out this year and adds to the vibe. We just can’t wait to see everybody on the street.”

For additional vendor information as well as a map of the market each week, visit

Flowers market
Backroad Blooms will once again be on hand during the Oakdale Morning Market, which will launch for the second year on Saturday May 4. Market hours will be 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Saturday through September. Photo Contributed