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Integrated Long Range Plan Mapped Out For Highways
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Caltrans has just unveiled the California Transportation Plan (CTP) 2040, the State’s new long-range integrated approach toward transportation planning that is multimodal, sustainable and environmentally responsible. The plan presents a set of supporting goals, policies and recommendations to chart a long-term vision to help guide transportation decisions and investments in the 21st century that meet future multimodal mobility needs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The California Transportation Plan 2040 sets the correct course for the state’s transportation future,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “With a growing population that requires an integrated, effective transportation system, the Plan will improve transit options while fulfilling economic and environmental goals.”

The CTP 2040 takes a “whole system” approach toward the state’s transportation system that integrates statewide long-range modal plans and programs with the latest technology and tools to articulate the State’s broad vision for a single, seamless transportation system that complements regional transportation plans, sustainable communities strategies and land-use visions for greater mobility choices.

Preparation of the CTP 2040 included an extensive outreach campaign through an open and collaborative planning process with input and guidance from transportation partners representing various governmental agencies, tribal governments, and advocacy groups who participated on the CTP’s Policy Advisory and Technical Advisory Committees. The plan also gathered input from a wide range of stakeholders, including the public, elected and appointed officials, and community-based organizations across the state.

Achieving the goals and policies of the CTP 2040 and transforming the transportation system from where California is now to where it needs to be in 2040 will take significant effort among transportation partners and stakeholders, as well as broad public support. The CTP provides recommendations for how California can move toward its greenhouse gas reduction targets and achieve the vision for a fully integrated, multimodal, and sustainable transportation system that enhances California’s economy and livability.

The CTP 2040 is available at