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Crowds Brace For Hot Holiday
Anthony Perez, a 2010 Oakdale High graduate, lifts a large box of fireworks at the Oakdale Music Boosters booth on June 28 as volunteers prepared to open to the public. This box, “with some of the bigger fountains in it” and suitable for a neighborhood display, is dubbed The Big One and costs $240. But the booth offers a variety of packs ranging in price from as low as $10 and $20 right up to The Big Bang priced at $500. - photo by John Branch/The Leader

Fireworks booths throughout Oakdale are open for business and the temperatures are predicted to heat up for the weekend, with plenty of people liable to hit the local waterways for the Fourth of July holiday.

For those wanting to do neighborhood fireworks, the ‘Safe and Sane’ variety are now for sale at multiple locations around town. Booths benefiting everything from the Oakdale Music Boosters to local churches are set up, offering a wide variety of fireworks from the simple, traditional sparklers to high-end packages costing upwards of $500.

Though unseasonably cool weather with the threat of some snow in the Sierras hit the region Tuesday and Wednesday, forecasters are predicting hot weather by the weekend, with temperatures likely to hit triple digits for the holiday.

Residents are reminded to use extreme caution when heading to the river to cool off, as it is running fast and cold. Everyone should wear life jackets whether on a boat or just wading in, as the current can quickly pull unsuspecting waders and swimmers under the water.

Also, local authorities will be on the lookout for intoxicated boaters on the waterways and drunk drivers on the highways, with a maximum enforcement period through the holiday weekend in an effort to cut down on accidents.

Monday, July 4 is a holiday, with all city, state and federal government offices closed. There is no mail delivery, banks are closed and businesses have the option of closing.

The fireworks booths around town opened for business at noon on Tuesday and are geared up for several days of sales.