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Beauty And Babies
Teresa Mug

The baby will be here any moment now.

Not to be confused or inappropriately excited, I’m not having a baby. My diaper days are close to a decade behind me and hopefully two ahead of me as my oldest is just 12.

I’m speaking about April. You know; the giraffe. The mommy that has people riveted to their phones and desktop monitors in hopes of seeing the miracle? Yes. I’m writing about the giraffe. The Wednesday afternoon, six days prior to this going to press I’ve chosen to write about a topic than can change literally as soon as I press send.

For April and her viewing audience my hope is that holds true. It’s fascinating how people follow ‘media topics’ like that of a pregnant giraffe. While I don’t happen to be one such person, it did get me to thinking.

Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Better yet, the birth of a baby? The gift of life and the miracle it represents. There truly is nothing more beautiful than that of a mother and baby on their ‘birth’ day.

Coincidentally we have our own baby watch happening right about now. My SFAM (Sister From Another Mister) and her beautiful family are awaiting the arrival of her second grandchild. Her oldest daughter’s second born. The anticipation is vast and the ‘I need to keep my phone close’ ever the more present.

Truth be told, even adding their ‘expected’ news is a crap shoot, as he can arrive any day now. A much different anticipation than his older sister, who decided waiting to go to term was just not for her. Close to five years ago, she chose to put doctors, nurses and yes, family, to the test and earn her first title as she said, Hello World … Preemie.

Today, she and all who love her and them is thriving and living life as it should be lived, abundant and joy filled. She’s excited to meet her brother and we are as well.

There’s something wonderfully beautiful about a pregnant woman, most especially if it’s a path you’ve journeyed. Recalling the bond you shared with your own, prior to the ‘birth’ day.

I still fondly remember a day not too long before my youngest was born. Knowing she would be my last, loving being pregnant, I recognized soon I would have to share. It would no longer be she and I 24/7, others would want to hold her, feed her and snuggle her. That day, I sat in my parked car, hands on my belly talking to her about all I hoped and yes, feared. Sharing with her, a love so deep no one can prepare you for that.

Pregnancy and parenthood can be a vulnerable thing. It humbles us, forces us to look at life, the world, humanity a bit different and challenges us (well, many of us) to rise up and be a better person. Little eyes are watching after all and as time passes those little eyes, bring more eyes with them - friendship. Before you know it you have a gaggle of little people asking questions you aren’t prepared for and sharing thoughts which make you proud.

What a beautiful gift is the gift of life and how lucky we are to consciously know that. That’s perhaps what makes us different and yes consumed by topics such as ‘April the giraffe,’ we get it. We embrace what it brings and all that entails. While some days may be tougher than others we are subconsciously mindful of the gift to do another day.

Thank you April. You have given our office some great giggles, as well as insight to one another. You have helped us reflect on the beauty of patience, perseverance and the gift of life. May motherhood serve you well. L’chaim.



Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.