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Special Shopping Spree
Carol Botsford, left, and Kathy La Force took a moment to pose for a picture this past Friday at Grocery Outlet, where Botsford engaged in a two-minute shopping spree at the Oakdale store. Photo Contributed


This past April at the Oakdale Cowgirl Luncheon, Carl and Kathy La Force, owners of the Oakdale Grocery Outlet, donated a two-minute shopping spree as an auction item. Heather Porter purchased the shopping spree at the luncheon and donated it to friend Carol Botsford.

After her sister passed away, Botsford started caring for her sister’s handicapped daughter and has been on a limited income. She is a Hospice volunteer for the Hope Chest in Oakdale. Although she lives in Turlock she comes to Oakdale to volunteer every week. Recently, Botsford and her roommate purchased a new freezer and with the two-minute shopping spree they were able to fill it up with over $800 worth of groceries. She was able to seize several meat products and several packages of bacon, which she said she has not had in a very long time due to the expense of it. The ‘Shopping Spree’ at Grocery Outlet ended very well for Botsford, who had a great time and was very thankful for the opportunity.