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OID Discusses 10-Day Rotations
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The Oakdale Irrigation District is considering going to 10-day rotations in July. Water Operations Manager Kevin King told the Board of Directors that it’s expected for temperatures to be high this week and the district may provide one or two 10-day rotations, then will go back to 12-day rotations.
He said that there will be another 12-day rotation on June 22, then start a 10-day rotation on July 9. Director Al Bairos questioned King why he wouldn’t start 10-day rotations earlier, such as by June 27, because of the expected evapotranspiration and increased temperatures. King said a 10-day rotation couldn’t be started on the 27th, it would have to be the 25th or on July 7. General Manager Steve Knell also stated that he felt 10-day rotations could start sooner. After further discussion amongst the board and staff, it was unclear when the 10-day rotations would start, as no definite statements were made. However, it seemed that King was leaning toward the July 7 date.
King also reported that the district has 1,500 more acre feet of water this year than at the same time last year, which was credited to earlier pumping from deep water wells this year.
In the General Manager’s Report, Knell stated that the Knights Ferry water users versus OID water rights case was done. Closing briefs for the case is set for July 17, with July 31 set as the date for response to the briefs. Knell said that the court has up to 90 days to render a decision, but that the judge said it would not take him 90 days to make a decision. Knell said a decision is expected by early or mid September.
The next regular meeting of the OID Board of Directors will be at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, July 7 in the OID boardroom, 1205 East F.