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Hospital Foundation Celebrates Successful Past Year
OVH Found 1
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Over 40 members of the Oak Valley Hospital Foundation gathered at the home of Bill and Saundra West earlier this month to recognize the year’s accomplishments by the organization and present awards to some of its members.

Hospital CEO John Friel thanked the foundation for all its contributions over the year and acknowledged them as a valuable asset to the success of the hospital.

“We continue to look forward to the times ahead,” said Friel. “The new hospital is slated to open on time.”

Friel then joked, “Just don’t ask me what that time will be.”

The Oak Valley Hospital Foundation provided over three-quarters of a million dollars to the hospital in the 2010-2011 fiscal year with $700,000 going toward equipping and furnishing the new hospital. Over the last 10 years, the foundation has provided over $3.6 million in gifts to the Oak Valley Hospital District.

Foundation President Liza Gilbert-Cotton and Executive Director Amy Thompson honored Tom Haidlen with 27 years of service, Jeff Steves with 23 years of service, and Danny Titus with 17 years of service with the Honorary Trustee Award.

Mike and Robin Grohl received the Individual Contributor Award for their efforts in the foundation’s gala and golf tournament and Robin Grohl’s co-chairing of the Women, Wine and Chocolate Extravaganza that raised over $15,000.

The A.L. Gilbert Company received the Corporate Award, being recognized for their campaign appeals and giving to the foundation.

Lana Casey received the Executive Director’s Award from Thompson.

“This person grabs the bull by the horns,” said Thompson when describing who was to receive the award. “She’s a super hero who takes on challenges.”

Gilbert-Cotton presented the President’s Award to Sandra Sward West bringing attention to her “gift of heart, hand, and mind” that has benefited the foundation.

Outgoing trustees Jim Whitworth, Karen Micheletti, Janet Holtzclaw, and Carol Crecelius were also thanked for their multiple years of service on the board.

In recapping some of the year’s other accomplishments, the Employee’s Lifesavers Club was identified for some of its contributions that included backpacks for employees’ children, scholarships, and assisting an employee who needed financial help with a family member’s burial costs.

Some of the foundation’s fundraising events were remembered, including the annual Sid Haidlen Memorial Golf Tournament that raised $41,000 and the Wizard of Oz Gala that raised over $60,000.

“Thanks to all the ladies on that one,” quipped Thompson about the gala. “I don’t think we had any men on that committee.”

The Oak Valley Hospital Foundation was established in 1980 for the purpose of purchasing an ambulance for the hospital. Since then it has grown and developed as an integral part of the community with wide support whose sole purpose is to secure voluntary donations to improve and enhance services for patients at Oak Valley Hospital.

The foundation currently has openings on the board of trustees. Time commitments include one hour per month for meetings and time on any voluntary time spent working on or attending the foundation’s functions or events. Interested persons can submit a letter of interest and résumé to the attention of Amy Thompson at the Oak Valley Hospital Foundation, 350 S. Oak Ave., Oakdale, CA 95361.