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Council Seeks To Bypass Election
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With only the incumbents seeking reelection to two city council seats and the city clerk’s office, and with no one opposing them on the ballot, the City of Oakdale will have a special city council meeting on Thursday, Aug. 25 for the purpose of appointing the candidates rather than hold an election. Officials expect the move to save the city thousands of dollars in election costs.

Councilmen Tom Dunlop and Richard Murdoch both filed papers for their four-year term council positions and City Clerk Kathy Teixeira filed for city clerk earlier this month with no one else in opposition.

The city treasurer position was extended past the filing deadline and only Christine Sulhoff applied for the post.

If the number of persons running for office is equal to or less than the number of offices open the California Elections Code allows a city council to just appoint the ones that have filed and cancel the election.

On Aug. 22, the City of Oakdale announced a special meeting of the city council for Aug. 25 at 6 p.m. for the purpose of a resolution for appointing the only nominees for the city offices.

According to City Clerk Kathy Teixeira, there is a potential savings to the city of $29,000 to $48,350 by canceling the General Municipal Election scheduled for Nov. 8 and just making the appointments.