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Fishing Report

If you’ve ever been bowling, you know that there’s a few unwritten rules regarding etiquette. You’re supposed to wait for the person next to you to bowl before you attempt to throw your ball. In fishing, there are also unwritten rules, mostly centered around giving anglers space. Anglers in general are very territorial and often will tell you if you’re getting too close to them through both verbal or nonverbal actions. A good rule of thumb is to always stay more than a casting distance away from them and to never start fishing right in front of their boat. If fishing off the bank it’s always appreciated if you ask the person you plan on fishing next to if it’s okay. Personally, I choose to fish elsewhere until they are gone or just come back later in the day. In almost every case, there’s really no reason to crowd a person.


Delta Report:

There are few places I’d rather be than fishing the Delta right now. Fishing has been great as baitfish can be seen throughout the system. Big fish are still being caught by anglers fishing beds but a lot of post spawn fish are also being caught. This past full moon has brought another wave of spawning bass up shallow. For those not sight fishing try tossing senko’s, craw patterned crank baits and spinnerbaits when the wind picks up. The topwater frog bite has also started to pick up so make sure to have one of those tied on as well. Crappie and bluegill have made their way shallow so now’s the time to get out there and catch a big one right before they spawn. There have also been some reports of anglers doing well trolling broken back rebels in Whites Slough for striped bass up to 10 pounds.


New Melones Lake:

All the reports of trout being caught have been from those trolling between 25 and 50 feet deep. Few bank fishermen are catching trout right now as the trout have vacated the shallows. Bass fishing has really started to pick up for a lot of anglers. Many fish have made their way shallow and have become very aggressive. Anglers have reported catching anywhere from 20 to 30 fish per outing. An increased number of fish have also been seen lately preparing to spawn or spawning in the backs of coves. There are currently no paved launch ramps open for launching.


Lake Don Pedro:

Trout fishing has also been good lately for anglers trolling between 25 and 50 feet deep early in the day. Some anglers are even reporting catching a few kokanee mixed in while trolling for trout. Bass fishing remains good right now as the fish are in all three levels of the spawn right now. All baits seem to be working well right now.


Lake Pardee:

Anglers fishing in the launch ramp cove are still doing good while using Power Bait early in the day. Those anglers trolling for trout are catching them while trolling 10 to 30 feet deep. Bass fishing is really picking up as there are a lot of fish found up shallow either spawning or just feeding. Bass anglers are catching them on pretty much anything that they are throwing at them.


New Hogan Lake:

Anglers trolling for stripers are doing well while trolling between 20 to 30 feet deep with rolled shad and anchovies. Bass fishing is great as there are a lot of fish throughout the lake that can be seen on beds. There are also a lot of bluegill and crappie that have made their way into the back of coves.


Tip of the Week:

For those of you who don’t believe in paying a lot of money for boat wipe down chemicals, regular Lemon Pledge works great for keeping your boat looking nice and clean. I’ve been using it for years without any negative side effects. I even use it to wipe down my seats and engine cowling. What’s nice about Pledge is that it also has a pleasant smell to it. Just be careful when stepping in and out of the boat as the surface will be slick. I also was told to stick to Lemon Pledge as some of the other scents supposedly are bad for the finish.