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Mommy Musings Hit By The Fever
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I should have seen it coming.

For some odd reason I have the tendency to operate under somewhat delusional thought. The belief that exposing my children to theater, ballet, even oldie classics in the way of music and entertainment will keep the inevitable at bay.

Yet, here I sit again with the head scratching/head shaking fact that our family has been struck by ‘the fever.’ Not the fever we can muddle through and control with compresses and medication (although that would be nice). No, this is the fever prompted by one young man. A few of you may know him or be familiar with his music. Some may have even traveled this past weekend to see him ‘live.’ This fever belongs to the one and only ‘Justin Bieber.’

Oy! My hands are up in the air with surrender just as I finish typing this sentence, but facts are facts. I am the mother of a five-year-old daughter and she has caught ‘Bieber Fever.’

It all began during her toddler years when she became obsessed with the ever popular children’s program Yo Gabba Gabba. Admittedly, this did not bother me much. I too liked the music, creativity and lessons taught through entertainment. Then one morning I woke up and she was making plans to see the ‘Fresh Beat Band’ with her grandmother.

Before I knew it lyrics from Mr. Bieber’s popular hits were freely exiting the mouth of my baby girl.

I still recall the moment I heard her flawlessly reciting the lyrics to ‘Boyfriend’ and asking ‘How do you know that song?’ Only for her to quickly reply, ‘Hip Hop!’

Yes, my five-year-old is also a ‘hip hoppper’ and apparently her beloved teacher at Pointe of Dance Studio also has the ‘fever.’

If I were in true denial I would just simply blame her teacher for this and exit myself from all accountability. But that would be cowardly.

Truth is, I too was a little girl once who kissed posters and dreamed of ‘bumping’ into the likes of Davy Jones, Andy Gibb, Rick Springfield and the likes of them. My 45 turntable (red and white checkered with a handle for portability) was spinning often. And while I recall blasting my music, I am pretty certain now that my mom (and our neighbors) were grateful for the limited size of my Hi-Fi record player.

Music was and is such a large part of my life and memory that in all honesty I’m actually pleased that my daughter has an interest … even if it is the ‘Fever.’ Now as for her brother, I’m not completely sure he shares the same sentiment or pleasure in her newfound love affair.

This column topic, after all, was his idea.

I’m coming to realize that those two little treasures offer mommy some pretty decent column topics. So late last week when I posed the question (again), my son’s response was, “Why don’t you write about Bieber Fever, since we listen to it ALL the time.”

This comment was followed later that evening with yet another startling confession.

My daughter and I had just retrieved her brother from swim practice. As we headed home a Bieber tune began playing on the radio and we (my daughter and I) began to sing.

As the song ended I promptly asked my son, “Do you just not like him, buddy?”

My son, being honest simply stated, “No, his music isn’t bad, when you guys aren’t singing it badly.”

Ahhh, the joy of family memories and brutal honesty.

So, while I still struggle (a bit) with the fact that my wee five-year-old is bopping her head and tapping her toes to the Bieber. I still shudder as I pass the poster that hangs on the back of her door, which she kisses each night before bed. I am equally grateful that I am present for such silliness and can appreciate the moment we are in.

Lastly, I will defer to the words of a friend who offered me her perspective as we remembered our moments as giddy little boy-crazed girls.

“Be grateful,” she said. “Before you know it, she’ll be listening to stuff you can’t stand.”

And there it is… Simply stated. It will be just a short matter of time, before she begins listening to artists that make me shudder. Until that time, I will continue to enjoy singing (badly) right alongside her.

Teresa Hammond is circulation manager for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.