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Waste Of City Money
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Dear Editor,
Who knew that when the City of Oakdale lets you go (fires you) you could not embark on a new venture? Or if you were going to retire in the “near” future you cannot start planning for that while still employed by the city. Better yet, how many attorneys out there do not know what a conflict of interest is? The only gray area may be if you are pursuing other ventures and plan to remain employed by the city. What else could the $15,000 be used for that the city feels is necessary to spend to prevent an ex-employee from going forward with their new business? Shame on you Mayor Paul and City Council members there are more important things to spend our time and money on.
Marylou Erwin

(Editor’s note: The business venture in question is a joint one between four people; one formerly employed by the city and three currently working for the City of Oakdale.)