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School Board Election Thoughts
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Dear Editor,
This is to the voters in the OJUSD voting area:
Whenever an item appears on the ballot for a position, it means that choices need to be made. My intent in writing this letter is to provide some questions for your thought, which I hope will assist in the decision making process.
• In these challenging times, how fiscally sound is the District?
• How does the technology of the district compare with other similar county districts?
• How does the student achievement compare with other districts in the county?
• How supportive has the community been of school district leadership and direction?
• How has long range planning affected the direction of the district?
• How are current efforts of improving classroom instruction going to improve student achievement?
• How is long range fiscal planning going to provide teacher stability?
• How many teachers were given ‘pink slips’ during these fiscally challenging times?
• How well does the board give direction and support to its only employee, the Superintendent?
• How well does the board provide opportunities for public input and listen to concerns?
• How will the recommendations of the facilities planning committee affect the future of the district?
• How does the district of today compare to the district of 12-plus years ago when it was created?
• When was the last time you can remember the local Teachers Association endorsing a board candidate?
There is a tremendous amount of dedicated talent on the board that has developed after years of experience and training who makes the decisions for the district. The Superintendent is then given these decisions that are then related to the paid staff to implement. The success of the district is the result of this process plus teacher dedication, student willingness, parental involvement and community support.
My choice is to retain the incumbent elected board members with their past experience and knowledge to continue providing direction for the district’s continuing success. I do not believe the district can afford the time for inexperienced board members to learn their role, responsibilities and expectations in these economic times. We know what the incumbents have done while the challengers can only tell you what they hope to do.
Please join me in a vote for Rick W. Jones and Mike Tozzi, proven accomplishments rather that promises.
William Dyer