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Valley Home News 1-20-21
Winnie Mullins

We are excited to share very special memories of Valley Home from Sally Alpers Arney. Sally Alpers was born in 1939. She has very dear memories of growing up in Valley Home. Sally remembers her first and second grade classes were in the Lutheran Church basement. Her third and fourth grade classes were in the two room schoolhouse. She also remembers that as a special treat the kids were sometimes allowed to ring the bell, then one day someone stole the bell! She is not sure what ever happened to the bell ... it is still a mystery. Sally’s father, Carl “Jack” Alpers was on the Valley Home school board and handed her eighth grade diploma to her. The graduation ceremony was held in the Grange Hall. Sally remembers there being four students in her eighth grade class at Valley Home. Her brother, Jack, graduated two years before her. Jack went on to Oakdale High School and later graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM). Today our Valley Home Lutheran Church has a beautiful old bell in the belfry. I used to love hearing them ring the church bell on Sunday mornings. I am not sure whether it is the same bell that Sally remembers, but its chimes were beautiful when I heard them. It has been several years since we have heard the ringing of our Valley Home bells. I think the bell that Sally remembers the kids being allowed to ring as a young student must have left an everlasting impression upon her! A beautiful sound that she still treasures to this day. We may never know if the school bell and the church bell are one and the same. We do know the sound, whether it comes from a school bell in the belfry or a church bell in the belfry, it is a very special sound. Again I say “Thank You” to Sally for allowing us to share her memories. Since we do have a beautiful bell in the Lutheran Church belfry now, maybe someday it will once again ring out on Sunday mornings. What a beautiful sound calling all of us to worship it would be! God Bless our Valley Home. Sally Alpers Arney now lives in the Bay Area. Sally had a successful physical therapy practice for many years. She is retired now and enjoying her five grandchildren. Thank you Sally for sharing your memories of growing up in Valley Home with us!


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