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Leadership Profile Approved
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The leadership profile for the future Superintendent of the Oakdale Joint Unified School District was approved at the Feb. 7 special meeting of the Board of Trustees. Trustees Mike House, Mike Tozzi, and student member Daniel Dunning were absent.

Dr. Wendell Chun, whose firm is conducting the Superintendent Search, presented the board with the multi-page leadership profile, pointing out that it was compiled with input from district staff, the board, and the community. Chun said he received a number of online and written surveys – approximately 50 to 60 surveys regarding what was desired in the next OJUSD superintendent.

“I’m very pleased with (the profile) and pleased we had that many people give input,” said trustee Rick W. Jones.

Chun reminded the board that most candidates will probably apply the very last week because they want to keep their applications confidential. He said that sometimes boards will get nervous because they don’t have very many applications at first, but that it’s not uncommon to receive the largest portion of applications just before the closing date.

He highlighted a few different portions of the leadership profile for the board. Under the position description, he said that it states “qualified, successful leaders (are) to apply” and also that the ideal candidate “is a visionary and a strong leader with excellent communications and interpersonal skills.” He said that for the Personal Characteristics and the Professional Skill and Abilities sections, he selected the “top 10” qualities to list. He said that he heard certain characteristics over and over again that the community and district staff wished to see in a superintendent.

The professional experience required is what Chun called a “traditional” education with a Masters degree and administrative credential. Other requirements are classroom teaching experience, principal or other site administration experience, district level experience as assistant superintendent or director. Additionally, superintendent experience is desirable.

Some of the personal characteristics included being “honest, fair, and trustworthy,” also being “accessible and easily approachable.” Some other points were to be able to “think out of the box” in “securing additional funding.” The candidate should also be “highly visible,” as well as “recognize exceptional performance” and also to have a “strong work ethic.”

Chun added that some of the professional characteristics included having “a record of increasing student achievement,” also possessing “business acumen.” Other skills included being “a team builder” and creating a “climate of cooperation.” Also the ideal candidate “supports a balanced curriculum … that ties directly to the strategic plan” and will also pursue “close working relationships with public agencies in joint projects.”

Chun said to the board that when he reviewed the profile, he thought that someone really needs to be confident to apply.

“If they’re not confident to do this, they’re probably not your superintendent,” he added in his comments to the board.

Applications for the Superintendent position are due by March 14 and interviews will take place April 1 and 2.

The entire Leadership Profile will be posted on the OJUSD website.

The next regular meeting of the OJSUD Board of Trustees will be at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 28 at the Oakdale City Council Chambers.