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New Year Holiday Keeps Cops Busy
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There were plenty of calls to keep Oakdale Police busy throughout the New Year’s Eve holiday, said officials.

From drunk drivers to disturbances, law enforcement spent the evening Dec. 31 and into Jan. 1 going from one call to the next.

“There were a lot of repeat offenders from the usual suspects,” Kerri Redd, Oakdale Police Department Administrative Sgt. shared. “It was a busy night with loud parties and drunk driver calls.”

James Williamson, 49, of Oakdale found himself ending the holiday evening in custody when he was found with a hypodermic needle in his possession as well as an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

Williamson was riding a bicycle around 1 a.m. in the area of Poplar Avenue and School Avenue when he failed to stop for a stop sign. The patrol officer discovered Williamson was wanted on the Tuolumne County warrant and when he patted him down, he discovered the hypodermic needle in the man’s left breast pocket. Williamson has a history of drug offenses. He was arrested on the warrant and possession of a hypodermic needle.

Two drunk drivers were taken into custody, one person was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and one person from Fremont was cited for violating the social host ordinance.

A night of revelry is common for New Year’s Eve, however, parties with juveniles imbibing isn’t something the City of Oakdale ignores and that’s what a 45-year-old Fremont woman discovered when police found a handful of local kids drinking alcohol with her knowledge.

According to police, they went to a residence in the 500 block of Stetson Avenue around midnight and knocked on the door. After about three minutes of knocking — and hearing people inside trying to hide — a woman answered the door who said the homeowners were away but she was responsible.

A search of the home revealed approximately 10 juveniles who were hiding in the backyard. Their parents were called and they were sent home. The woman claimed she’d allowed a cousin to have a few friends over but more kids kept showing up.

She was cited for the social host ordinance infraction and a complaint was sent to the District Attorney’s office for review. In addition to possible criminal prosecution, she faces a minimum fine of $500, provided this is her first violation.