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Holiday Twist: Freds Firearms A Shopping Spot
Freds Firearms
Fred Smith stands in front of a wall offering some of the selection at his Freds Firearms store in Oakdale. - photo by RICHARD PALOMA

Guns and firearm accessories aren’t your typical holiday gift. But if that special someone is a target shooter, sportsman, or gun enthusiast preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, Fred’s Firearms in Oakdale has that stocking stuffer or that much anticipated Daisy Red Ryder for under the tree this holiday season.

The store, owned by Fred Smith and his wife Jennifer, is located on West F Street in Oakdale’s Randy Plaza. The shop offers great customer service and can appeal to both men and women alike covering a broad range of demographics offering a .22 caliber rifle for the first-time shooter as well as pink toned firearms for the ladies. Firearm safety courses are also offered, said Smith, who has previous law enforcement experience and still works as a reserve deputy for Stanislaus County.

When asked what would be the perfect gift for someone in his store, Smith pointed to a wall of California legal assault rifles that he said are “going fast.”

Smith added that the AR-15 was his favorite among the group.

Smith said children as young as five years old can learn the proper way to use firearms and learn how to shoot. Smith showed a compact Cricket .22 caliber rifle ideal for someone at that age.

“We have larger rifles as they get older,” said Smith.

Smith added the firearm safety classes taught are an easy way to stay in compliance with the state requirements.

In addition to guns, Fred’s Firearms carries many accessories and tactical clothing items.

He identified a Voodoo tactical jacket that is a popular product. The multi-season, waterproof and breathable jacket has three layers that deflects wind, repels water and retains heat. It also has a multitude of pockets.

“It’s almost like putting on an extra layer of skin,” said Smith.

Also available are an array of gun cases and carriers made by Voodoo that allow carrying rifles to the range or satisfy the requirement to pack it in the field. The Voodoo tactical padded weapons cases allow carrying of rifles or shotguns, pistols and a great deal of related gear.

A wide range of ammunition is also available with the latest selection of ammo including hunting, rifle, shotgun, and handgun ammunition.

Not only firearms but BB guns are also offered at the store. These air guns are used primarily for target shooting, pest control, and varmint hunting. A BB rifle or pellet gun can also be used in shooting competitions

The store has a website at with a vast selection in firearms and accessories. There is a search catalog that is fast and easy to use. Simply choose the category you want to search by and click on the ‘Search Inventory’ button to start your search.