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Two good reasons to opt for pizza for dinner
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Whether youre unwinding after the game, or just looking for a night out with your family, Michaels Pizza Bar and Grill on Carpenter Road in Modesto fits the bill for just about every occasion.

Everybody has had that conversation before.

“What do you want for dinner tonight? I don’t really feel like cooking.”

“Do you want to order a pizza?”

It’s the timeless easy answer to one of the most complicated questions that exists – what are we having for dinner? – but it also opens an entirely different can of worms when somebody makes the mere suggestion of going the Italian pie route when it comes to offering up a solution.

The question then becomes – where are we going to order from? Who has the best pizza?

And therein lies the complicated and even contentious problem – what makes a truly good pizza?

If you ask Lisa Munoz, it’s all about the combination of the sauce and the cheese.

“The thing about pizza is it’s a fairly easy thing to make – that’s why there are so many different pizza places,” Munoz said. “And there are a million different combinations and ways to make a pizza. But when you try and cut corners with the sauce and the cheese – two of the most important pieces of the puzzle – then you’re really start cutting into what makes a good pizza.

“You just can’t do that.”

If you ask 10 people what the best pizza around is you’re liable to get 10 different answers. But if you’re in Stanislaus County, here are a few of the places that may defy the odds of personal taste and end up being repeated back to you because they really are doing something different:

*Michael’s Pizza Bar and Grill – Ironically, one of the best pizza restaurants in Stockton also happens to have the same name. But this Modesto staple offers everything to validate it’s four-and-a-half star rating on Yelp that you’d expect from a restaurant serving up one of America’s favorite meals – quality, convenience, customer service and a price that won’t empty your wallet. Located at 500 N. Carpenter Road, Michael’s Pizza Bar and Grill is perfect regardless of whether it’s a spot to grab a pie and some beers with some buddies to watch the game or to stop in with your family and treat the kids to something special. And according to commenters that swear by this place, they’re paying attention to Munoz’ rules – the sauce and the cheese are the cornerstones of the experience.


*Bobs Take-n-Bake Pizza – Manteca has many great pizza restaurants, and each of them have their strengths. But ask anybody who has lived here for any length of time what his or her favorite pizza is, and Guido’s Take-n-Bake is likely to end up in the running. Bobs at 805 W. Roseberg is no different – it’s long been a favorite for Modesto residents who don’t mind the extra time that it takes to throw the pizza in their oven as long as they’re getting the amazing finished product that has a dedicated and loyal following. Some of the most popular San Francisco pizza eateries have been following this format for years – offering bake-yourself pizzas through a delivery service, and even half-baked s you can get the freshest pizza experience available knowing that it literally just came out of the oven.