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People To Tip And Gift This Holiday Season
Individuals can use their discretion concerning service providers in their lives who may be worthy of some extra cheer this holiday season.

Are you making a list and checking it twice? If so, don’t forget to add a few extra people to that list who are worthy of a gift this holiday season. Certainly friends and family are in mind for presents, but what about the service providers in your life?

After a challenging year, people in the service industry might benefit from a holiday boost this year more than ever. Here’s who you may want to spread some cheer to this holiday season.

Hairdressers and nail techs: It takes a lot of effort to look one’s best, and these individuals help people put their best selves forward. Consider tipping the amount you would normally spend on one visit. If you get your hair or nails done frequently and consider this person a friend, opt for a gift instead, such as a gift card to a nice restaurant or a pampering service for him or her.

Babysitter or caregiver: This person is likely close with the family and may be deserving of more than a tip. Pick an age-appropriate gift you know this person will love. What about a coveted pair of Bluetooth-enabled earbuds or headphones? A gift card to a store you know this person frequents also can be fitting, or a year-long subscription to a streaming music or movie service.

Landscapers: If the same person or crew services the lawn most of the time, a tip of $20 each is an appropriate amount.

Teachers: Class parents may take up a collection for the teacher and offer one class gift. If your student is educated by multiple teachers and the school staff is top-notch, consider stocking the staff lounge with snacks and beverages or cater a lunch.

Mail carrier: The mail is delivered six days of the week in any and all weather. Treat your mail carrier to a nice gift, but stick to the rules of the U.S. Postal Service. Mail carriers are not allowed to accept cash, checks or gift cards that can be used like credit cards. Stick to a gift of no more than $25.

Cleaning person: You rely on this person to keep your home tidy and clean. He or she is deserving of the cost of one visit, according to Roseanne Thomas, author of ‘Excuse Me: The Survival Guide to Modern Business Etiquette.’