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Annual Celtic Faire Scheduled

SONORA — In a time that was lawless, chaotic and a bit ominous, there was also the light that gleamed from the sword yielded by a knight in his shining armor during the medieval times. Today things are quite a bit different than the medieval period; however, in celebration of Celtic heritage and the Middle Ages, the annual Sonora Celtic Faire is being staged at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora, March 10 through 12.

Celebrating the cultures of Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Brittany and Wales, this event will transport guests to medieval times where they will be entertained by Celtic musicians on three stages and a thrilling live action International Ultimate Jousting Championship and much more.

The extreme sport is between two competitors on horses wielding lances in a battle to expel the other rider from his or her horse to the ground.

People of all ages and walks of life are invited to attend this three-day event that happens once a year and is the only Celtic Faire of its kind on the West Coast,.

There will be knights in armor from different centuries of Scottish and English history that battle as well as Vikings, Roman army soldiers, Scottish highlanders and the Irish Brigade roaming the Sonora countryside for guests to enjoy.

The event will feature fencing demonstrations, Scottish highlander dancers, Irish step dancers, bagpipe bands and over 100 vendors that sell imported goods that were handmade from other countries along with an assortment of other items.

Many of the food and beverage offerings will fit the Celtic theme; however, there will also be a variety like Asian, Greek and Italian food to suit everybody’s palate.

Performers will be walking around the faire in attire fitting for the era juggling and fire eating to entertain revelers.

A recent addition to the Faire is the Whiskey Experience, where an entire building has been dedicated to whiskey tasting. Patrons will be entertained by live music and be able to sample a variety of single malts from Scotland and Irish whiskeys. As part of the whiskey experience there will be a workshop on how to distill whiskey as well as how you should drink it.