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A Wrap And A Rodeo
Mommy Musings 8-18-21

Oh man what a week.

I’m pretty sure my current feelings are being echoed by many as we wrap up a week this town has not had the privilege of living in quite some time.

Now granted, not everyone loves “Rodeo Week,” so for those of you, to whom this does pertain, catch you next week.

There’s a lot to say as this week winds up, moments and memories many soon won’t forget.

There’s a million places which I can start from in regards to all this, but I think the most fitting would have to be the Annual Cowgirl Luncheon. Now while I did manage to pop in, see a beautiful tribute to honor cowgirl Pat Shepherd, give some hugs and catch some laughs my favorite moment had to come shortly after a greeting and hug exchange with Oakdale Cowboy Museum CEO Bambi Porter.

Knowing Bambi for quite some time, I have to say if you meet someone who doesn’t like this gem of a human, it says more about them than Porter herself.

Exchanging hugs and complimentary pleasantries (two very common things at the luncheon), Bambi stated how happy she was to see me there. Her sentiments so genuine I could actually feel them. Choking back emotion in a room filled with love, laughter and women, I simply replied how good it felt to have us ALL there. To see people again, sans mask, and in person is quite honestly one of my greatest joys as of late.

A common phrase now often said, “It’s nice to see your smile again.”

On that day in particular it was nice to see all the smiles and not just at Cowgirl Luncheon, but at the Diva Luncheon hosted at the H-B as well as every place in between.

I said it in the space last week and it’s worth repeating, Oakdale shows visitors time and time again, this is a town that knows how to have a good time.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and well, who doesn’t love a parade?

Complete honesty, there once was a time, even if for only two years max, I made my way out of town come rodeo weekend. Well and then, my love for heritage and celebration resumed and it was just in time for my first born to enjoy not only his first parade, but Cowgirl luncheon at the tender age of 10 months old.

Oakdale Rodeo Parade continues to be a fun tradition for our family. My youngest has sat the sidelines I think twice in her tender 14 years of life. Spending more time dancing down F with her dance studio or sitting atop a float waving to spectators. Either way, it’s not one we miss and this year was no different. Watching the spectators is honestly just as fun for me at times as it is to watch the entries pass by.

The adorable factor was at an all-time high on Saturday night as the family and I packed up for the opportunity to see the Oakdale Rodeo at night. This would be another time where I must say, if you know you know because man oh man were the grounds packed like I’ve never seen before.

As the heat index was high, so were the spirits of all in attendance as the cowboys and cowgirls were celebrated for their efforts in the arena.

Ever the constant spectator, watching all the little buckaroos in their boots and hats was just so much cuteness I couldn’t stand it. Emotions once again got the better of me early on Saturday night as the announcer shared many words felt by many of us in attendance. Watching the precious little ones, along with their families just seemed to hit my patriotic heart a bit harder than normal.

Man how I missed living life fully, I shared with a friend. The whole thing was just amazing on all fronts.

So now, as we dust off our boots, review the memories and look ahead to April, I would be remiss if I did not give a proper ‘Thank You’ to the Oakdale Saddle Club, Oakdale Cowboy Museum, as well as the City of Oakdale and all those who put sincere effort into making this unconventional rodeo all that it was for all that so needed it. Your efforts and hard work are not unnoticed, for each of you I am truly grateful.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 209-847-3021.