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We Need O Passage
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Dear Editor,
The citizens of Oakdale will be voting on a very important ballot measure this coming election, November 8th. It is called Measure O and concerns raising the city sales tax by a half-percent.
It is extremely important that the voters of Oakdale support and pass this ballot measure. The cost to the average household is about $2 per month. Groceries and prescription drugs are not taxed.
How would this money be spent? Police and fire staffing would be maintained at the current level. No more cuts. The city has already reduced the number of police and firemen by 26 percent. This has created a dangerous and unsafe situation for all of us in Oakdale. Gangs are gaining momentum in our community and schools. We need to keep our officers patrolling the schools.
A citizens oversight committee will oversee the spending of this money to make sure it is spent as promised by the City Council to the voters. The tax goes away in three years unless extended by a vote of the people. The politicians in Sacramento cannot take this money away from us.
Let’s maintain the strength of our public safety officers, take care of our senior citizens, get the street lights turned back on, start sweeping our streets, get the pot holes repaired and above all, make sure Oakdale remains a wonderful place to live.
Vote Yes on Measure O – The quality of life in Oakdale depends on it.
Jan Brennan