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Thumbs Down On Measure O
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Dear Editor,
Vote NO on measure “O.” Just take a look at the property tax bill you recently received. Were you as astonished as me when you noticed all the extra bonds? Multiple hospital bonds, several school bonds, and CFD’s (whatever those are) add up to quite a bit of money. For those of you who rent your house or apartment, your landlords pay these taxes too, and they are reflected in your rent. Oakdale citizens, businesses, and tourists too, don’t need another tax burden. We are already paying more than enough for City services. The City Council just needs to be more fiscally responsible.
Remember we told the Hospital Board “no, you already have enough money” when they asked for an additional bond for the new hospital? Guess what, we’re still getting that new hospital; without another bond!
In addition, any additional monies received from this so-called temporary tax go to the city’s General Fund; to be administered by the City Council’s handpicked Citizen’s Board. No guarantee of the money going to our police and fire, just more money for the Council to spend on worthless surveys and lawsuits.
We live within our budgets, so should the city.
Sharon Hallinan