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Supporting My Mike
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Dear Editor,
Why wouldn’t a wife support the efforts of a husband, or vice versa. But, we all know it’s just not that simple of an issue. You have to believe in the person, and in the effort. I have watched my husband Mike from his first day as a school board member from 2000 until today. I have witnessed his dedication and commitment to that job and how he prepares to fulfill his role as a trustee.
I have seen our School District grow in so many positive ways since then. Meetings that used to take place in the District Office and in private moved to the council chambers and on TV. No junior high gymnasium and no strategic plan for dealing with the myriad of issues that faced the district and the board. No district science teacher, and a relationship with the teachers that needed repair. No student member on the board. In other words a whole lot of ‘No’s that would soon become ‘Yes’es, and more. Today, our School District is recognized as the best overall district in the county. Great technology, great facilities, great test scores, great kids, great teachers, great administrators, and great community support.
Did he do it alone, no. Was he an integral part of the growth, yes. Should he continue as art of the growth? YES.
Please join me in supporting my husband Mike as he continues his work for you as a member of the Oakdale Joined Unified School District.
Melissa Tozzi