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Signs Make No Sense
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Dear Editor,
I have written to the Oakdale Leader before regarding this situation about the curve and accidents on South Stearns and Twildo. I have repeatedly asked, Oakdale PD, Sheriff’s Department, Stanislaus County Public Works and other departments to please install stop signs at Stearns and Twildo to make it a 3-way stop. I am repeatedly told that based on the number of accidents it does not warrant a 3-way stop. Even though I have let them know there are many accidents that are not reported. Our truck was hit a few years ago while sitting in our driveway and threw it into our front yard because someone took the turn too fast and missed the curve. We have repeatedly pulled people out of the field across the street because of the same reason. Anyone pulling out of Twildo or the residence near Twildo risks being hit on a daily basis. Yet the county doesn’t see the need for a 3-way stop. Big trucks constantly squeal their brakes along with other vehicles because they are taking the turn too fast. Guess it will take a fatal accident to get the attention of the Public Works Department!
Yet as I was going down Sierra a few weeks ago I realized there were two stop signs installed at Sierra/Pedersen and Knox roads making it a 4-way stop instead of a 2-way stop. Really? I mean there is no curve there and other than the school’s field that backs up to Sierra that is enclosed by a fence why would public works see the need to put two stop signs making it a 4-way stop at this intersection? Did they do the same assessment as they did on South Stearns to determine there was enough accidents to warrant these stop signs?
I am infuriated at this seemingly senseless move on the Public Works Department when there are no curves at this intersection and commuters aren’t using that portion of Sierra to bypass Oakdale! I would like some answers please!
Happy Holidays.
Bobbi R. Potts