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(Not) Special Delivery
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Dear Editor,

As the health and fitness club at Oakdale High School – Get Amped – we would like to express our concern for the upcoming change in the fast food industry. Burger King is testing home delivery at some 10 locations on the east coast. Popular in Asia and parts of Europe, it is only a matter of time before the idea spreads like vegetable oil here!

With all of the unhealthy delivery choices already in today’s society – greasy pizza among the worst – adding fast food personal delivery to the mix provides a whole new low for our country. The first thing that comes to mind when other countries think of America is our obesity epidemic.

Americans have become so sedentary that they will likely drool at the thought that they can get a Whopper combo with fries delivered to their doorstep at less than $7 a pop. The business rationale for fast food home delivery, according to Michael Rosenwald of The Washington Post, is that “consumers aren’t getting any less busy.” Well, they are not getting any smaller either! With such a huge rise in diabetes in America, shouldn’t we be looking for healthier choices rather than adding to the list of unhealthy ones? As if fast food isn’t easy enough to get, let’s allow consumers to sit on their couches, eliminating all physical activity, and phone for a 40-piece chicken tenders box.

Get Amped is fighting to change the way our students and staff approach their eating habits and physical activity, and with unhealthy delivery options such as these it makes our job much harder. America has already become lazier over the past few years, but delivering unhealthy fast food to people’s homes will only add to a sedentary lifestyle.

What’s next: the delivery boy hand-feeding you the food too?

Concerned Students,

Get Amped Club