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From Our Readers
Letters to Editor

Mustang Proud

Dear Editor,

We, the family of Cecil Muniain, would like to thank the entire community on his behalf.

The sporting community of Oakdale High School, whether it be baseball, or football, united in tremendous Mustang spirit behind our father. The Oakdale Boosters, The Dugout Club, or Quarterback Club, shared in supporting our dad. They assisted him with directions, sporting information or even with his favorite bleacher seating.

We especially thank the Oakdale High School Boosters Club, for recognizing our father, Cecil, as the oldest active Mustang. Dad maintained perfect attendance at all the Mustang football games to show support for our local Oakdale High School. Dad loved his Mustangs and we thank the club for honoring his enthusiasm.

The Muniain family thanks ALL of you!

Penny Muniain,

On behalf of the

Muniain Family