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Oakdale Charter Is Tied Up In Holiday Spirit
Students of Oakdale Charter gathered recently to construct fleece tie blankets which will be donated to the Family Support Network, a program of Oak Valley Hospital District.

The holiday spirit has once again taken hold of students of Oakdale Charter School. A total of 14 students in grades seven through 12 came together on Friday, Nov. 30 to construct tie blankets.

The student body produced a total of 11 fleece tie blankets, which will be donated to the Oak Valley Hospital’s Family Support Network.

This is the second year the school has taken on this project. Participation of the event doubled from last year, with only seven students helping in its inaugural year.

“This was an important activity for our students for multiple reasons,” Tim Parola, Teacher-In-Charge said.

Parola went on to state the importance of the students giving back to the community, as well as the opportunity for them to interact with one another on a school activity.

“Lastly, it allows the students to spend some time working and reflecting on helping those in need,” he added.

Oakdale Charter is at 1235 E. D St., Oakdale, just north of Cloverland Elementary. It is a part of Oakdale Joint Unified School District and is a fully accredited non-classroom based campus for grades seven through 12.

For additional information visit www.oakdale or e-mail Parola at