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Hot Time For Summer Bash
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Kicking off the series of concerts for the All-American Bash put on by the Oakdale Enrichment Society on June 25 was the band known as Crossman Connection, performing for a small but appreciative crowd at the rodeo grounds in the heat of the late afternoon. Marg Jackson/The Leader

Music was virtually non-stop throughout the late afternoon and evening as five different bands took the stage at the Oakdale Saddle Club Rodeo Grounds as part of the All-American Bash.

Though temperatures soared to near triple digits, the day started out on a bit of a cooler note for a morning parade on Saturday, June 25. The events were planned and coordinated by the Oakdale Enrichment Society, led by President/Secretary Lisa Ballard, Vice President Cherilyn Bairos and Treasurer Lupe Aguilera.

Along with the patriotic-themed parade along F Street through downtown Oakdale, the portion of the event at the rodeo grounds saw some food trucks on site, snack bars open, the H-B Saloon operating the bar and several acts on stage.

From Crossman Connection to a Shania Twain tribute, it was a country-western/country-rock style series of concerts, with the stage set up in the rodeo arena, not far from the VIP viewing area.

“It wasn’t like the 150th we did last year,” noted Bairos, when the OES threw a multi-day bash in connection with the 150th anniversary celebration for the City of Oakdale.

However, Bairos – who also serves as Oakdale Mayor – said the overall goal was to offer a family friendly event.

“It was so hot,” she added, with that fact likely contributing to the smaller than anticipated turnout.

Crossman Connection, the first band to take the stage, had their show delayed for a short time in hopes of the temperatures ticking down a few degrees.

Other bands included Left of Centre, as well as a trio of ‘tribute’ performers: Shania Twain Tribute, Luke Bryan Tribute and Kenny Chesney Tribute.

Following all the music, a professional fireworks show was staged. Those at the rodeo grounds had an up-close view of the colorful aerial display, while many throughout the community could also see them light up the night sky.

Firefighters were staging at the rodeo grounds during the show and were called out to a small fire in brush under a tree close to the East F rodeo grounds location. However, officials said it was not confirmed that the fire was a result of any of the fireworks shot off during the show.

The OES has already indicated there will be another ‘bash’ next year.

And though the turnout wasn’t what they had hoped, the day’s activities still gave the community a chance to focus on the patriotic nature of the All-American Bash.

“People had fun,” Bairos said, “and that’s what it was all about.”

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Oakdale Mayor Cher Bairos, center, was all smiles and waves as she rode along the parade route through the downtown area on Saturday, June 25. Doing double duty, the mayor is also part of the Oakdale Enrichment Society, which coordinated the festivities for the All-American Bash that day. Teresa Hammond/The Leader
fireworks O
The festivities for the All-American Bash concluded with a fireworks display on Saturday night, June 25. Photo Courtesy Of Austin Romito
Those arriving for the first concert of the All-American Bash at the rodeo grounds on Saturday sought what little shade they could find, as temperatures neared triple digits. Marg Jackson/The Leader