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President Lincoln Pays Sierra View A Visit
david 1
A before and after shot of Sierra View Principal David Kindred as he transformed to President Abraham Lincoln. The event was a reward for the students surpassing their Annual Jog-a-Thon goal by $5,000.


Sierra View Elementary School Principal David Kindred always likes a good challenge.

Now known by the students as the Principal that ‘will’, this school year is no different than those past as Kindred continues to live up to his reputation.

Recently, Kindred spent the day dressed as Abraham Lincoln as a reward to the student body for achieving their Jog-a-Thon goal.

“Every year I have to search for something,” Kindred said of his Abe costume, complete with stove pipe top hat.

The school’s goal was to exceed the $30,000 mark; they collected over $35,000 and Kindred began his search.

The school principal also grew a full beard, shaved his mustache and with the help of his daughter dyed it black for the day.

“They’re having fun,” he said of the students. “I love giving them the incentive to reach the goal.”