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Attempted Murder Arrest
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Police arrested a 23-year-old Oakdale man on Monday, Dec. 19 on charges of attempted murder and domestic violence after he beat, choked and restrained his 20-year-old fiancée, resulting in injuries sufficient enough to send her to the hospital.
According to police reports, officers responded to a residence in the 500 block of View Point Avenue on Monday night to investigate the report of a woman locked in the bathroom after her boyfriend had attacked her. The report came from the victim’s parents, whom the victim had called while locked in.
When officers arrived they heard the suspect, Brian Mason, yelling at the victim. The officer opened the front door and saw Mason standing between the front door and the victim, blocking her escape. The officer ordered Mason to the ground at gunpoint but he refused, making it necessary for the officer to Tase him into compliance.
The victim told police the couple had argued two days prior resulting in Mason assaulting her. The victim said there had been ongoing, escalating incidents of abuse at the hands of her fiancé, which made her realize she needed to leave. The victim spent the next two days trying to get away from Mason but the opportunity to escape didn’t arise until that Monday. As soon as the suspect left the house, the victim began to hurriedly pack but Mason returned unexpectedly because he’d forgotten his cell phone. He found her packing and became enraged, resulting in another beating. Mason unscrewed the doorknob of the bathroom where the victim was trying to hide, dragged her from the bathroom and began hitting and choking her. While choking her, police said, he also threatened to kill her. He used Zip-ties to restrain her hands. One of the Zip-ties broke and when he went to the garage to get a new one, the victim attempted to leave but he caught her before she managed to escape. A loaded Smith and Wesson 40-caliber handgun was found in the suspect’s bedroom.
The victim suffered severe bruising to her head, chest, and arms.
Mason had no comment and refused to offer a statement to police.