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Cycling Studio Offers Spin On East Side Business

There’s an undeniable energy as one saddles up and gets ready to get their sweat on with Stefanie Western.

Western, however, won’t be taking her class horseback, quite the contrary, but she is taking them for a ride – via stationary cycle.

Western is the owner of the newly opened Surge Cycling Studio at 122 N. Sierra Ave., Oakdale. A first of its kind for the Cowboy Capital, but not for Western, who is a seasoned teacher turned studio owner.

The cycling enthusiast and certified group instructor has spent the past 10 years as a fitness instructor, teaching kickboxing, sculpt, powerlifting and cycle. Many of those classes were hosted with the locally owned Fit Republic under the previous operating name, Fitness Revolution.

Two years ago, however, that all came to a halt, as classes were eliminated and Western relocated to the Oakdale rural area with her husband Garrett and two children.

“Opening a studio was always my biggest dream,” she said. “I had so many ideas. I wanted to be completely different than anyone else. What I look for in an instructor, when teaching here, is to be different than anyone else and not be corporate.”

In so doing, she has outfitted her studio with 36 top of the line stationary bicycles, a sound system which pumps the music into one’s soul and an overall studio environment which is welcoming.

“I think cycle is one of those things that people are really intimidated by,” she acknowledged. “I know what cycling can do for the body. I know what it can do for your figure. I know what it can do to change you.”

Western is not only ready to show this to clients with personal results, but is using herself as an example. The instructor shared during the past two years and an array of stresses she gained 20 pounds she’s anxious to see go. As a previous competitor in figure competitions, she’s all too aware of what it takes to achieve results.

“It never gets easier, you just get better,” she said of the cycle routines and the level of difficulty.

Classes are currently hosted five times a week, Monday through Friday and twice Saturday mornings. There are a number of membership options, including a drop in rate.

During the first month of being open, Western said she challenged herself with just being dedicated to simply cycling, no diet change or added activity, just cycle. As a result, she greeted December seven pounds lighter.

“It’s literally my passion,” she said of cycling and helping others achieve their goals, be it fitness or otherwise. “As a beginner in your first class, you’re probably not going to ride 12 miles in 45 minutes, you’re going to do eight, which is amazing.”

Be it beginner or veteran cyclists, Surge instructors make sure the students not only break a sweat, but feel the results upon completing a class. With music pumping, a leader board to follow and an instructor cueing the cyclists through the varying intervals it’s easy for one to get caught up in the momentum.

“I have always believed that on an indoor bike in general or in a class there should be nothing you do on that bike that you wouldn’t do on an outdoor bike,” Western said of her classes and expectation of her team.

“I want everyone to feel when they come in here, what spin and how the people can make you feel,” she added. “There’s truly nothing like this or the results you get in the amount of time you get them.”

Recognizing the timing of the business opening might not be ideal, the owner is encouraged by the number of people who have returned from her previous setting at the gym. She noted the addition of a cycle studio to the community as one which now makes the town well-rounded.

“I think this is great for Oakdale, because now we have a combination of everything,” Western concluded.

For additional information on class times and rates visit or call (209) 272-6802.