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West End Shake Shop Opens Doors To Community
VIP Nutritioni
VIP Nutrition owner Josie Sandoval is thrilled to not just bring a healthy smoothie shop to the community, but a welcoming space as well. Teresa Hammond/The Leader

The letters seem obvious on the recently opened smoothie shop of owner Josie Sandoval. While one might assume the VIP in the west Oakdale shop stand for “Very Important Person,” it goes a bit deeper than that.

According to Sandoval, the VIP in VIP Nutrition represents “Visualize, Impact, Prioritize.”

“Visualize in the changes that you want to make for yourself, for your body,” she said. “You want to have impact with those results, with whatever you are doing. Impact the community somehow, some way, people around you and make sure it’s a priority.”

That is the heart of the business for Sandoval and her primary focus as she aims to do that one shake at a time. The Stockton transplant shared she and her husband relocated to Oakdale with their five children because of the people and the sense of community.

“I love the town itself. I love what it represented and I felt like this was home for me,” Sandoval shared.

Upon making the move the couple decided to open a business to share a product which they not only believe in, but also impacted Sandoval’s life personally by way of a 45-pound weight loss. Her focus, however, was not to change lives by weight loss (which is a benefit) it was to not only share the benefits of a healthy product but create an environment for kids to convene and feel safe.

“You can literally have one of these shakes and go straight to school,” the business owner shared, noting that her own children have been drinking them since a young age. “All around we have tried to make it as clean as possible (ingredients wise).”

Noting her commitment to the community, Sandoval also shared customer feedback is not only important in terms of the product but the business environment as well. Most recently a re-do of the interior space was a must as regulars shared they desired a homey/comfy/casual style over the minimalist décor the space had originally featured.

Proving true to her word, Sandoval brought in a large dining table and chairs for space to do homework or for moms to congregate while their children play in a designated kids area.

As a result of the change there’s also been request from local Bible study groups to use the space for meetings.

“Just getting involved with the community really. That’s what we were looking to do,” Sandoval said. “We’re very faith based. Strong in faith. Who am I to stop the word of God.”

Hosting a soft opening in November of 2019, Sandoval shared the opening of the business, while not easy, has been a labor of love. Passionate about the product and community, she enjoys sharing the nutrition as well as the knowledge when prompted. The shake enthusiast shared the cinnamon roll or apple pie (both hot) are two of her favorites.

As the primary staff member and a mother to five, hours are currently limited to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fridays. The shop is closed on weekends. Sandoval noted she hopes to extend hours this spring to cater to the early morning traffic of commuters as well as students before school.

“It doesn’t feel like work,” she said. “That’s the best part. It’s like working at home and being visited by friends and them enjoying a meal I prepared. It’s an amazing feeling.”

VIP Nutrition is at 1214 W. F St., Oakdale. Orders may also be texted to 322-2350 with payment going thru Venmo.