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Oakdale Club Highlights Fall Garden Honoree
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Homeowner Bud Lermini is shown at his View Point Avenue home in Oakdale, at the corner of East J, where he meticulously tends his lawn and plants. Photo Contributed

The ‘Garden of the Season’ for fall has been chosen by members of The Oakdale Garden Club. The members previously recognized a spring garden and now, are highlighting a colorful, picturesque local garden for the fall.

At the corner of East J Street and View Point Avenue in Oakdale, you’ll find a beautiful yard filled with dimension, texture, and color. The 502 View Point Ave. location is the home of Bud Lermini, who single-handedly maintains his front and backyard with precision. Edging every corner of grass and growing a large variety of plants. Many of the zinnias you see still holding strong this fall were grown from seed and add amazing color to the corner. The evergreen tree that stands out in the circle was a purchase from Morris Nursery he planted many years ago and it’s a beauty in the winter. There are also a number of large well-established hydrangeas that provide that first pop of color in the spring. The wonderful thing about this garden is how every season there is something that can catch your eye. With this home, there’s so much care from the homeowner; that is apparent no matter which day you drive by. Bud claims to not be a gardener; however, his meticulous style and conformity have proven otherwise. We look forward to everyone seeing and appreciating this garden as much as we did.

Oakdale Garden Club would like to congratulate Bud Lermini on the Fall Garden of the Season. Anyone interested in nominating a friend or neighbor for Garden of the Season, we are now accepting recommendations from the community.

Email us at: with the address you wish to nominate.

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Colorful and welcoming, the garden/yard of this home on View Point Avenue in Oakdale received recognition as the Fall Garden of the Season through the Oakdale Garden Club. Photo Contributed