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Valley Home News
STUDENT KUDOS Valley Home Students were recently acknowledged for their scholastic efforts at the Student of the Month assembly. Students honored were: Tyler Cooley, Luis Rodriguez, Curtis Crea, Adam Hammond, Tommy Eproson, Jeronimo Saavedra, Justin Poot, Cristian Flores and Adrian Hernandez. Photo Contributed

Over 100 years of Valley Home School tradition. As we look into the eyes of our soon to be Valley Home graduates we catch a glimpse of a bright and promising future! Many, many new and exciting events are unfolding in their young lives. It seems only yesterday they entered kindergarten ... lunch pails packed, new shoes tied by loving hands, a cool backpack, the lure of a new pack of crayons and the sight of a tiny desk with their very own name ... This would help convince them to slowly let go of the hand they held so tight! Our 2016 graduates had started their journey into the world of knowledge and learning. Whether it’s Oakdale High or Valley Home school graduations, young lives will be changed forever when they hear their name called and cross the stage to their tomorrow. So this lovely month of May, when we hear the first strands of “pomp and circumstance,” let’s treasure the moment. Yes, time will stand still for just a moment, eyes will glisten with tears unshed, our hearts will quicken with pride ... Yes for just a moment time will truly stand still! As graduation day grows near, preparations begin. As they have for many generations past, community members will pick from their garden their most hearty roses, their most fragrant honeysuckle, along with buckets of colorful flowers to provide a most beautiful stage for our 2016 Valley Home graduates. Valley Home graduates invite all community members to attend their graduation and share the evening with them. The graduates would also like to extend a special invitation to Mrs. Terri Taylor who graduated from eighth grade at Valley Home School in 1976. The honor of your presence would be greatly appreciated at the Valley Home School Graduation, May 25th, 7 p.m. in the school gymnasium. School superintendent Mr. Tom Price, teachers, and the Valley Home school board will present students for graduation and award the diplomas. What a wonderful place to graduate ... Valley Home, California!


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