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Christmas came early, a magical weekend unfolded throughout our area as our Oakdale High Mustangs showed the world what it means to be a Mustang football player! Hard work, early morning practices, after school practices, in the extreme heat, working out in 100-degree weather, hitting the weight room, it all paid in dividends when this powerhouse football team defeated Bishop’s High School in San Diego, California!

Time stood still as our heroes played their hearts out in La Jolla, Saturday night almost anywhere you went, groups huddled together, YouTube bringing Oakdale Football live to hundreds and probably thousands of football fans. Small town football had gone worldwide. At events near and far Oakdale football was king! Living in this area we all know the importance of football in our town. Others learned Saturday night just how important Oakdale football is. At our Valley Home Christmas celebration Oakdale football was the topic of the night. Everywhere you looked people had their phones in their hands and were living the dream, the Oakdale football dream! Elsewhere people stopped what they were doing to watch. A young Marine lived the moment his brother intercepted a hard thrown pass. A devoted mom and dad so proud they were moved to tears. Grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, teachers, an entire community came to a stop. 47-0 would be the final score! Yes for sure Christmas magic was in the air. As the powerhouse team rolled out of San Diego on Sunday, they would be intercepted along the highway and escorted by law enforcement. Emotions were high, pride ruled as the young warriors returned to town where, yes, football is definitely king! Fans lined the streets of Oakdale Sunday evening as our Champions returned to their hometown. Our family was blessed to have a caring well mannered, hard-working young man home on Sunday evening, and yes we lined the streets with hundreds more to say, “Welcome home, you are Champions. Thank you for letting us live the dream with you!” To the coaches of this championship team, thank you for preparing them for this. To be a champion in a town where football is definitely king. And to Josh Jacobson #11, thank you for being the champion your cousins Cody and Cooper will look up to and be so proud of all their lives. Long Live Oakdale Football!


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and, as always you may reach me by email at Until next time, “Happy Trails to All!”