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Salmon Report Issued
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Fourth graders Andrik Nelson and Mitchell McMorris make note as they travel through the various stations on the Salmon Field Trip.

The fall salmon migration is underway in the Stanislaus River. As of Sunday, Oct. 28, the season total is 2,413 salmon. For comparison, the season total was 2,425 salmon at this time last year. The Stanislaus weir was installed on Sept. 5, 2018, and is located near Riverbank. Did you know the weir has been operated annually since 2003? The highest fish passage to-date occurred in 2016, when 14,399 fish were recorded.

Funding for salmon monitoring at the Stanislaus weir is provided by the Oakdale Irrigation District, South San Joaquin Irrigation District, and Tri-Dam. Data collection, including that provided in this report, is conducted by FISHBIO. For more information, visit