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Modesto Nuts Win Small Business Award

The Modesto Nuts Professional Baseball Club has received the 2017 Small Business of the Year Award from the Modesto Chamber of Commerce.

The Small Business of the Year Award is given to the organization that best displays innovation in business practice, has a superior customer philosophy, and shows overall growth as a company.

“We are honored to receive this award,” said Executive Vice President Mike Gorrasi. “We take pride in the Modesto community being the backbone of our organization and we’re humbled to be recognized by the Modesto Chamber of Commerce.”

The award was given to the Modesto Nuts at the 104th Annual Gala and Member Choice Awards.

This award continues the momentum for the Modesto Nuts alongside their 2017 California League Excellence in Community Service Award and California League Championship 2017 season.


“Our deep and meaningful partnerships with local businesses and organizations grant us the opportunity to grow and give back to the community,” Gorrasi said. “We’d like to thank them for their continued support. Without them, this award would be out of reach.”