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City Fire, Rural District Extend Partnership
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It’s one big, happy fire service family between Oakdale City Fire and Oakdale Rural Fire Protection District — judging by the Oakdale City Council’s decision to extend the partnership agreement by three years as requested by the two agencies.

With the original six-month agreement recently expired, Oakdale City Fire Chief Michael Botto went to council Sept. 7 with a request to extend the agreement to a term of three years with a 60-day out clause.

Council passed the request 4-0 (council member Toni Hansen was absent) without a murmur or question.

In the documentation to the council, it stated, “…since the inception of this agreement, both agencies have benefited from this partnership.”

As a result of the agreement, the city has maintained a three-member staffed engine company at Fire Station No. 1 and the rural district has been able to cover response needs traditionally served by its East F Street station. This has enabled the district to staff either the Valley Home or Knights Ferry station on an alternating basis.

The savings to the City of Oakdale has been approximately $170,000 to $255,000 (the cost of two to three line positions).