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PJs and Politics
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This week I will not write about the Presidential Election.

As a brief follow-up to last week’s piece however, I will honestly share that at the end of the hour and a half debate I did feel a sense of relief. The relief did not come in the way of a certain candidate putting my mind to rest, but rather recognizing that we as a country won’t have to bear witness to the banter of those two again.

The debates are over. We’ve heard what they have to offer, think and feel; now it’s up to us.

This election season has been interesting on many counts. The one which I find most interesting is that of the shared feelings of Americans as a whole. Regardless of party, I have yet to cross the path of anyone claiming either candidate in a loud and proud manner, which was once customary in our country. Be it Republican, Democrat or Independent everyone seems on the same page of concern for our country and this circus known as the ‘Presidential Race’ which has entertained the world.

Early last week, I was thinking of this as I dropped my children at school. I thought of the lewd, childlike and inappropriate behavior of the candidates. I thought of my son pointing out that one of these people will represent us and sit in the company of foreign leaders. I worried about our country and what we have become and I thought about our standards as human beings.

Right about this time I spotted a mom walking her child to school in her pajamas. Yes, I know, this is not a new, uncommon or law breaking act. It does however lend itself right back to the topic of ‘standards’ as the leeway we now seem to give ourselves, which passes down to our children.

As I watched the flannel ‘pj’ bottomed mom walk with her child my initial thought was simple. When did we start accepting pj’s as an equal to the once popular yoga pants or sweatpants? When did what was once known as ‘night’ clothes become appropriate for day time wear and grocery stores?

I will be the first to admit, I lived my fair share of days in college print boxer shorts over thermals. Driving around town, I owned that look proudly. Granted I was 19 at the time, but still … standards.

Playing devil’s advocate, I mentioned that very thought to a friend, only to quickly be reminded that I was 19 and would not dare be caught doing that now. Both are true.

This thought process then took me to the time when people used to ‘dress’ to travel. Now, don’t get crazy, I’m not suggesting we all go back to wearing suits and dresses for flight travel, but can we please stop wearing our night clothes in public?

As I thought about it driving home, it just seemed a perfect illustration to our election and the disappointment felt by many with our choices.

When and why did we as a society lower our standards, not of others, but of ourselves? Sweatpants, after all, are just as accessible and affordable as pajama pants. We don’t all have to roll up to school in Lululemon or Nike attire. Heck half the time I’m in running shorts and a sweatshirt, unless it’s an early office day. Yes, the temptation to drive and drop, while I stay seated in the car has happened. This of course is quickly shunned by my duo as they squeal ‘Mommy, put your shorts on!’

Now granted, this is indeed a first world problem and there are much bigger issues in this great land, but again … Standards.

I get they’re comfortable, I know it’s easier, but for the sake of the little eyes watching and the standards we should have for ourselves, let’s have a movement of returning the loungewear to where it belongs – at home.



Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 847-3021.