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Supporting Measure O For Citys Sake
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Dear Editor,
The State of California is always looking to take away more and more of the tax dollars that rightfully belong to our city. Over the past several years we’ve been hit hard and the city’s budget has been reduced dramatically. Street light are off, parks are a mess, office hours cut, the senior center is in jeopardy, and we now have one-third less police officers and firefighters to protect us. I wonder how much more quality of life we’ll lose in the next three years. How much lower will our community sink until we take action?
I certainly am one that doesn’t like paying higher taxes but have to ask is it worth five cents a day to see our valuable resources reinstated? Is it worth a nickel to have your family better protected? Is it worth a nickel to keep Oakdale the best community in Stanislaus County? Is it worth a nickel to have the highest property values in the county? It is to me so I’ll be voting yes on Measure O. I want the best for my family and even though I’m on a fixed income I’ll come up with the additional five cents a day to fund our city. My family is worth it. My friends are worth it, and Oakdale is worth it.
Please join me and vote yes on Measure O.
Bill Camp