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Study Both Candidates
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Dear Editor,

The Oakdale Leader on its letters-to-editor page for last week’s (Sept. 8) edition gave prominent space to each of the two candidates for Oakdale city mayor in the soon to be here November, 2010 election.

Candidate Pat Paul …who favored… years ago… Riverbank’s “Crossroads” shopping center to be located in Oakdale as a wise business move… expressed her belief that a present wise move replete with good points would be for the citizens of Oakdale to appropriately use already built facilities to serve (as) a “performing arts center.” Located at the now empty Almond Pavilion, such a happening would serve the ethereal as well as a great and obvious business increase in city’s income and desirable traffic.

Candidate Farrell Jackson wrote in his letter to the editor as its last sentence “With your continued support I will lead us through this recession.”

But, Farrell Jackson is as responsible as anyone for misuse of our Police forces at the very same time he is seeking their destruction. Jackson has participated in serious negotiations for some years to abolish the Oakdale Police Dept. and “replace it” at great costs with Stanislaus Sheriff's Dept. which would be a disloyalty to Oakdale. This has actually has already happened to the sinking city of Riverbank where the Sheriff's Office does its patrolling. If you’re lucky enough to see one of their black and white vehicles on that city’s streets.

Larry Kay

Retired Senior Comm. Analyst/State of California