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Not Time To Change
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Dear Editor,

Should we change horses mid-stream? I don’t think so.

Our mayor, Farrell Jackson, has guided Oakdale through very difficult times and will continue to do so.

Take a moment to consider what is going on.

Our federal government is so far in debt, it will take our great-great grandchildren a lifetime to see daylight.

Our state is 19 billion dollars in the hole. Many cities are functioning with borrowed money. Some are even bankrupt.

Compare the City of Oakdale.

The police are still patrolling and the fire engines are still rolling. The various city departments, with some adjustments are functioning well.

Oakdale’s budget is and has been balanced. Oakdale maintains a cash reserve, well over a million dollars.

With a great deal of dedication and personal devotion, Mayor Farrell Jackson has guided Oakdale through times we thought could never happen again after The Great Depression of the ‘30s.

This is not the time to change what is working.

Vote for your friend and mine, Mayor Farrell Jackson on November 2.

Wally Huhn