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Letters To The Editor 9-25-19
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Extension Makes Sense


Dear Editor

Measure H, an extension of Measure Y, is a half-cent sales tax that the city of Oakdale currently pays. This half-cent tax helps pay for part of our police force, fire department, senior center, and more. A half of a cent is such a small amount to pay to help ensure our town’s comfort and safety. Without this tax, our city would lose police officers and firefighters, along with many City services such as frequent street sweeping among others. As a long time citizen, and business owner in Oakdale, I know that our city cannot do without these things. When Measure H comes on the ballot in November, I will be voting yes, I hope you will too.

Steve Medlen

Owner, Medlen’s House of Beef



Seeking Community Support


Dear Editor,

Support the extension of the half-cent local sales tax. Yes, on measure “H”. All of the revenues stay in the city (100 percent), it is a local Oakdale tax. It ensures our quality of life by: Maintaining the current level of staffing for our fire and police, keeps the street lights burning and the streets swept, and allows the senior center to stay open. Keep Oakdale Safe. On November 5, 2019, vote Yes on Measure “H”, to continue the current half-cent sales tax.

Pat Paul