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It Takes Experience And Teamwork
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Dear Editor,

I have the experience of serving two terms on the City Council and one term as Mayor. I know what it’s like to run a city in good and bad economic times. My track record has proven I can make the necessary and tough decisions to keep Oakdale afloat financially during the recession of a life time. Promoting Oakdale’s business friendliness and making agreements happen are forefront goals of mine. The continued jobs creation and business growth we’ve experienced during my terms shows that it has been successful. I’ll continue to work hard to bring jobs and revenues into our city. I’m very proud of our community’s involvement, at all levels, through volunteerism and fundraisers. Our residents continue to be one of our greatest and most valuable assets, more so than ever during these bad economic times. I’m seeking election to the two-year City Council seat and look forward to working with the City Council, as a team member, so the positive work that’s been started can continue for the residents of our great city.

Farrell Jackson