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A Vested Interest
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Dear Editor,

As the Mayor of Oakdale, I’m very concerned about our future. Having lived in this town for 47 years and raising my family here, I have a vested interest that Oakdale remains a viable and safe community. No one likes reduced services but my responsibility as a public servant is to ensure the City remains fiscally sound. Without doing that any service the City provides, including public safety or water/sewer/garbage, would not be possible in this prolonged “recession of a lifetime.” We can’t spend more than we have. Meanwhile new businesses are opening in Oakdale and I will continue to promote business friendly policies with competitive fees. Oakdale still has a balanced jobs to housing ratio because jobs creation is one of my goals. There have been some difficult decisions this past four years but with the help, support, and understanding of our residents, Oakdale has remained solvent with our head well above water. In comparison, other California cities have had to borrow money to meet their obligations or have been forced into bankruptcy. We still have money in the bank for emergencies. With your continued support I will lead us through this recession.

Mayor Farrell Jackson