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Voices, Orb Captured During Leader Investigation
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The investigative results are in from the Western Region Paranormal Research (WRPR) group — and it’s enough to raise the hair on your arm if you’re inclined to believe them.

As previously reported, an investigative group based out of Ceres converged on the Oakdale Leader office building, April 17, and set up their sophisticated equipment in the hopes of catching evidence that there’s more to the ‘haunting’ stories regarding the building than just someone’s active imagination.

Well, it’s no surprise to those who work at 122 South Third Avenue, but the team found more than a few interesting anomalies.

With more than 30 Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recorded and one definite “orb” recorded, the investigators were thrilled with the data accumulated from the investigation.

WRPR co-founder Dave Hirschman said, “We definitely got more than we expected but it’s not that unusual to get that kind of response. I’d say we collected a little more than typical.”

Leader staff members were able to listen to the EVPs collected and one in particular stood out as a male voice, clearly distinguishable in the background as well as laughter.

Hirschman agreed that the EVP was distinct, saying, “A lot of times you won’t get one so clean. It’s nice when they’re that clear.”

When listening to the EVPs, it’s hard not to wonder what the stories are behind the voices.

“They’ve probably been talking to us for some time we just couldn’t hear them,” Hirschman said of the EVP phenomenon.

Recent upgrades in technology have made EVPs and video collection possible of these seemingly paranormal anomalies.

Another interesting element with the Leader investigation was the abundance of K2 action, said Hirschman.

Several times the equipment the team used registered temperature drops in conjunction with directed questioning as well as K2 monitor spikes, which would detect Electromagnetic Field (EMF).

EMF detectors are often used in these types of investigations for they pick up energy sources and fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. It is believed that spirits are comprised of energy, thus when they are present they disrupt this electromagnetic field, causing a spike on the K2 monitor.

“We were surprised we were getting such good hits on the K2. That doesn’t always happen,” he said.

The WRPR group was quick to point out that they normally discount appearances of orbs but in the case of the Leader orb, it was impossible to “debunk” and therefore they were inclined to include it in the footage.

To listen to the EVPs as well as watch the recorded orb, check out the Oakdale Leader website.