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On The Shelf

Looking for a good book? Librarians at the Oakdale Library are always happy to offer reading suggestions. And now, a good book is easier to find than ever. New books at the Oakdale Library will be featured each month in the Oakdale Leader. Librarians will provide information about books for children and adults, both fiction and non-fiction.


The Lady of the Lakes: The Love Story of Sir Walter Scott



This historical fiction book is a sweetly romantic love story about young author, Walter Scott, and the direction his life takes when he must reconsider the love he treasures and the love that may be possible. Sir Walter Scott wrote the classic, Ivanhoe, a wonderful book of knights, chivalry, and romance. Kilpack’s novel imagines where a bit of that classic may have been inspired. There is great historical research into the life of this literary hero woven into the most likely scenarios. A good book choice for this Valentine month.


February is also the month of Presidents.

Check out some of our great new books on Presidents Truman, Obama, Trump, Reagan, Nixon, and more. Don’t forget a wonderful book for Presidential readers of all ages:


Grover Cleveland, Again!: A Treasury of American Presidents



Each president is given a beautifully illustrated spread with stories and information to give readers a comprehensive view of the varied and fascinating personalities who have led our nation.


To reserve a book featured in New Books at the Library, visit or call 847-4204. A library card is required to reserve a book and it only takes a few minutes to apply. Best of all, library cards are free. New customers can apply online or visit the library at 151 S. First Ave. Watch the Oakdale Leader each month for new selections available at the Oakdale Library.