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Nielsen Brings Passion For Natural Health To The Community
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Lori Nielsen, Certified Natural Health Professional, will now be offering services in the natural health and wellness field through her business HealthWise Solutions. Nielsen is pursuing additional education in Iridology, a study of the eye to assess overall health concerns. Teresa Hammond/The Leader

Some might say Lori Nielsen has always had an interest in health. As a wife and mother of six children, it might seem wise to stay informed and proactive in the way of prevention.

Her passion, however took a new level of interest when she herself faced not one but two health crises. An adrenal crisis, followed by an autonomic nervous system condition when her youngest child was a newborn, were quite simply game changers.

According to Nielsen, the combination of hearing she could not be treated, coupled with nine separate medications 16 years ago, set her sail in a new direction.

With a long time interest in alternative medicine and holistic health, she began researching alternatives.

“I went off of the medications prescribed in a very short time, because of essential oils,” she said.

Nielsen has home schooled all six of her children. Now with the youngest in his final two years of high school, she’s decided it’s time to expand her reach in the area of helping others.

Earlier this year she opened Health Solutions, where she serves as a Natural Health Consultant and Educator. She recently completed her education and certification as a natural health professional and health specialist. She is also continuing her education in Iridology.

“It allows me to see unique markings in the eye that will help me understand a person’s state of health,” she said of the non-invasive eye scan. “It’s very exciting. I think I’m going to be the only one in Oakdale that will practice Iridology.”

Currently the natural health enthusiast is offering consultations, education and guidance for individuals seeking help with bettering their optimum health.

“People are looking for more options to either go along with conventional medicine or to have more places to choose from and understand complementary and alternative medicine,” she said.

Nielsen shared she feels there’s a partnership to be had between professionals such as herself and conventional medicine.

“I’ve had clients come to me and say, my doctor wants me to find somebody,” Nielsen stated of her consulting practice with weight concerns, anxiety, stress and depression. “That’s a good way to hold hands with conventional medicine, which we should be doing anyway.”

As a mom managing the health of her children as well as friends and family for over two decades, Nielsen is now excited to share her knowledge with the community.

“I’m doing what I love,” she shared. “This is my passion.”

Now 16 years without medication, the once ill Natural Health Educator shared knowing it works through personal experience fuels that passion.

“That’s really what motivates me,” Nielsen stated. “The real passion and excitement comes when you’ve had your own experience with it.

“I love being able to empower people,” she continued. “So that they can make informed choices and be advocates for their own health.”

HealthWise Solutions is at 1455 East G St., Suite D, Oakdale. For more information or to contact Nielsen, call (209) 580-7557.